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P/N: DSM150-02
3.5" High Bright Color Display
NMEA 2000

Maretron's DSM150 is a high-resolution sunlight viewable color display that interprets and displays NMEA 2000® instrument, navigation, and vessel monitoring data. The DSM150 is a user friendly dedicated marine display with custom screen configurations and an easy-to-use five-key illuminated keypad. In addition to the monitoring and display capabilities, the DSM150 features an alert/alarm package and electrical switching capability.

nmea-2000-logo-productsUnlike traditional single-display units, DSM150 users can choose numeric, gauge, bar or graph formats in single or multiple displays, with cycling options possible for a wide range of favorite data. These multiple display options conserve mounting space and reduce overall system cost.

The DSM150 will directly connect with any NMEA 2000® network and with the exception of AIS data will display any or all information captured throughout the vessel. Various audio and visual alarms are also programmable. The DSM150 displays a multitude of information including AC power, anchor status, battery, depth, electrical distribution, engine, environment, fuel management, GPS, heading, navigation, pressure/vacuum, rudder, speed, status indicators, tanks, temperature, time, transmission, water makers, weather, wind and more.


The DSM150 includes a comprehensive, flexible alert capability. Configure audio and visual alerts on virtually any data that the DSM150 is capable of monitoring. Available alert types include:

  • High Alert
  • Low Alert
  • Inside Radius Alert
  • Data Unavailable Alert
  • On Alert
  • Off Alert
  • Tripped Alert
  • Course Alert
  • GPS Quality Alert
  • Outside Radius Alert
  • Inside Radius Alert
  • Direction Alert
  • Timer Alert

The DSM150 is capable of sharing alert information with other DSM150 units as well as any DSM250 and N2KView installations on the network. An alert defined on any device can be acknowledged on any other device on the network. Following is a screenshot of a shallow water alert:

Once the alert appears, you simply press the "Enter" key twice to see the Alert Status screen, shown here:

Maretron’s DSM150 is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards (IEC 60945 Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment). Its compact waterproof housing will provide years of reliable performance. The DSM150 is available in a gray enclosure and includes a white sun cover and a one meter NMEA 2000® cable.


Part number Description
DSM150-01 3.5” High Bright Color Display (Gray Enclosure)
DSM150CVR-03 White DSM150 Cover (Spare Part)
DSM150CABLE-01.0 DSM150 NMEA 2000® 1.0m Cable (Spare Part)


Parameter Value Comment
NMEA 2000® Connector DeviceNet Micro-C With Included Adapter
Display Technology Active Matrix TFT LCD Sunlight Readable
Display Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels QVGA Resolution
Display Viewable Area 70.07mm W x 52.56mm H 3.5” Diagonal
Display Brightness 800 NIT (cd/m2)  
Display Backlighting LED 3 User-Programmed Levels 0-100%
Keyboard 5 Silicone Rubber Keys LED Backlighting
Languages Supported English, Dutch (Nederlands) User Selectable


Standard Comment
NMEA 2000® Standard Level A
Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment & Systems IEC 61162-3
Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment & Systems IEC 60945
FCC and CE Mark Electromagnetic Compatibility

Supported Data Display Types

Instrument Type Data Types
AC Power Average Frequency, Average L-N Voltage, Average L-L Voltage, Phase A Frequency, Phase A L-N Voltage, Phase AB L-L Voltage, Phase B Frequency, Phase B L-N Voltage, Phase BC L-L Voltage, Phase C Frequency, Phase C L-N Voltage, Phase CA L-L Voltage
Anchor Watch
DC Current, Voltage, Battery Temperature, Battery State of Charge, Battery Time Remaining, Ripple Voltage, Power Depth Water Depth, Water Below Transducer, Transducer Offset
Electrical Distribution Switch/Breaker, Breaker Current
Engine Monitor Boost Pressure, Hours, Coolant Pressure, Coolant Temp., Exhaust Gas Temp., Fuel Pressure, Fuel Rate, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp., Tachometer, Tilt/Trim, Voltage, Fuel Economy, Fuel Consumption, Percent Load, Percent Torque, Trip Fuel Used
Environment Barometer, Heat Index, Humidity Inside, Humidity Outside, Moon Phase, Sunrise, Sunset, Dew Point, Temp. Engine Room, Temp. Inside, Temp. Main Cabin, Temp. Outside, Temp. Sea, Twilight AM, Twilight PM, Weather, Wind Chill
Fuel Management Distance to Empty, Time to Empty, Total Fuel Capacity, Total Fuel Level, Total Fuel Consumption, Total Trip Fuel Used, Total Fuel Economy, Total Fuel Rate, Total Fuel Remaining
GPS COG, Lat/Lon, SOG, DOP, Satellites, Time, Accuracy
Heading Heading, Rate of Turn, Variation
Humidity Inside, Outside, User Defined
Indicator Status
Navigation BOD, BTW, COG, XTE, DTW, ETA, Lat/Lon, Rolling Road, Set/Drift, SOG, TTG, VMG, Waypoint Number & Name
Pressure/Vacuum Water, Barometric, Compressed Air, Engine Boost, Engine Coolant, Engine Fuel, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Steam, Transmission Oil, User Defined
Rudder Angle & Order
Speed Through Water, Over Ground, Total Log, Trip Log
Tanks Capacity, Level, Remaining
Temperature Wind Chill, Bait Well, Battery, Engine Coolant, Engine Oil, Engine Room, Exhaust Gas, Freezer, Heat Index, Heating System, Inside, Live Well, Main Cabin, Outside, Refrigeration, Sea, Transmission Oil, User Defined
Time Local Date, UTC Date, Moon Phase, Sunrise, Sunset, Local Time, UTC Time, Twilight AM, Twilight PM
Transmission Gear, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature
Vessel Pitch, Roll, Trim Tabs, Keel
Watermaker Sea Recovery Status Display
Wind Apparent Direction and Speed, True Direction and Speed, Ground Direction and Speed


Parameter Value Comment
Operating Voltage 8 to 32 Volts DC Voltage
Power Consumption (Maximum) 150mA  
Load Equivalence Number (LEN) 3 NMEA 2000® Spec. (1LEN = 50 mA)
Reverse Battery Protection Yes Indefinitely
Load Dump Protection Yes Energy Rated per SAE J1113


Parameter Value
Size 3.72” (H) x 3.72” (W) x 0.9” (Forward D) x 0.9” (Rear D) 95mm (H) x 95mm (W) x 23mm (Forward D) x 23mm (Rear D)
Weight 5.6 oz. (160 g)
Mounting Flush Mount


Parameter Value
IEC 60945 Classification Exposed
Degree of Protection IP67
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity 93%RH @40° per IEC60945-8.2
Vibration 2-13.2Hz @ ±1mm, 13.2-100Hz @ 7m/s2 per IEC 60945-8.7
Rain and Spray 12.5mm Nozzle @ 100liters/min from 3m for 30min per IEC 60945-8.8
Solar Radiation Ultraviolet B, A, Visible, and Infrared per IEC 60945-8.10
Corrosion (Salt Mist) 4 times 7 days @ 40°C, 95%RH after 2 hour Salt Spray Per IEC 60945-8.12
Electromagnetic Emission Conducted and Radiated Emission per IEC60945-9
Electromagnetic Immunity Conducted, Radiated, Supply, and ESD per IEC 60945-10
Safety Precautions Dangerous Voltage, Electromagnetic Radio Frequency per IEC 60945-12


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