Welcome to Marinplus/Odelco!

Welcome to Marinplus!

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RMA formAll products returned to Marinplus AB shall come with a RMA form and an RMA number, obtained from Marinplus sales department. The RMA form must contain a RMA number, customer data, purchasing data, product information, description of the problem and the desired action appear.

The package is sent along with the completed form to:

Marinplus AB
c/o MTAB Transport & Logistics AB
Ranhammarsvägen 26
SE-168 67 Bromma

Phone: +46 8 5093 4000

Goods which arrive at Marinplus AB unlabelled or without a valid RMA number will be returned to sender without action. Return shipping will be charged to the sender. Goods which arrive at Marinplus AB, which is not in accordance with the received RMA number will be returned to the sender without action. Return shipping will be charged to the sender. If a product does not exhibit the errors noted, charged a study cost about SEK 300 and return shipping.

Marinplus AB reserves the right to determine whether a returned product will be repaired, replaced with identical, equivalent product or a credit for the warranty the product discontinued.

To avoid damage during transport, the original packaging or carrier approved shipping container used. Transportation damages are not included in Marinplus AB's guarantee commitment. Transport damage be claimed against the carrier.

Issue of an RMA number does not mean that Marinplus AB approved your product for possible action.

Replacement of defective products occur after the defective product sent to Marinplus AB and the specified error description has been confirmed. Return of faulty products to us is at your expense. Any replaced / repaired goods returned to you at our expense.

Marinplus AB is responsible for the products delivered to us for repair or other maintenance. If the product is not collected three months after notification over title to the Marinplus AB, which then has the right to dispose / remove product. If costs arise therefore, charged them.

Products returned for credit must be complete in perfect original packaging with all accessories. If not, will the item be sent back to the sender. Return shipping will be charged to the sender. Returns must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. Otherwise, entry is not possible.

Back orders / incorrect deliveries must be claimed within five business days from the invoice date.

The utilization of return code means that the above conditions are accepted.


Marinplus AB/Odelco AB
Missionsvägen 77
SE-167 33 BROMMA


+46 8 718 03 00


Marinplus AB has merged with Odelco AB, thereby becoming the first and only distributor that can offer a complete range of products and solutions for power supply, modern electrical systems, rescue and security systems.


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