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Welcome to Marinplus!

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Here are our general sales conditions for dealers valid until further notice.

Marinplus AB (Marinplus) markets, sells and distributes products from several producers (the products) to dealers in Sweden (hereinafter dealer). These terms and conditions regulates Marinplus business terms to dealers.

Dealers commitment

The dealer will buy and sell marine products and conduct all its operations in it´s own name and for its own account.

Both parties have agreed that "Sweboat's general terms of delivery 2011 (in Swedish)" shall be valid between Marinplus and the reseller with the following ammendments and changes.

6. Conditions of sale

1) Terms of payment:The dealer may after credit approval get 20 days payments terms from the date of the invoice. Marinplus can anytime and without any notice change the credit limit and/or terms of payment. The credit limit includes VAT. Payment shall be received no later than the date stated on the invoice. Marinplus have the right to charge penalty interest (reference rate + 8%) if payment is delayed. This will be invoiced seperately with 10 days terms of payment. If the dealer is in arrears with payment or have exceeded it's applicable credit limit, Marinplus has the right to decline further orders, suspend alternatively cancel the order book or require prepayment.

If the dealer is in arrears mote than 15 days and Marinplus has requested the dealer to pay the amount due, Marinplus has the right to immediately reclaim products. Marinplus is authorized to charge a reminder fee, currently SEK 450 excluding VAT, for every reminder for late payment. The products are owned by Marinplus until full payment has been made.

2) Price information: Current price list can be downloaded from Marinplus reseller pages or be obtained from Marinples sales department. All prices to dealers are exclusive VAT. Pricing depends on the manufacturers price, exchange rates, duty and other external factor out of Marinplus control. Therefore we reserve the right to change prices without notice. Changed prices will apply on orders that are received from the date of the price change. The dealer has the oppurtunity to sign volume- and/or authorization agreements with Marinplus.

4) Delivery/transport clauses: In case Marinplus arrange the booking of shipping we charge this. At partial deliveries due to inventory shortage, freight will not be charged if requested delivery is the same. At courier or express deliveries additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

6) Unclaimed goods: Unclaimed goods are charged with currently SEK 350 in administrative fee.

7) Special conditions apply when ordering FLIR cameras or other products not in our regular stock. 25% of the order value shall be paid to Marinplus before the products is ordered by Marinplus. If the amount is paid and the order is subsequently canceled, the amount in non-refundable.

8) Special conditions: Some products complies to export control. The dealer is obligated to obtain permission for such sales and comply with applicable regulations. The dealer is responsible for customer data and serial number is registered at Marinplus in those cases.

9) Limitation of liability: The products in Marinplus range is suitable only as an aid and not to be used as the main instrument for navigation and maritime safety. Marinplus makes no guarantee regarding the products and its merchantability,  fitness for a particular purpose or the like. Marinplus liability agains the dealer is limitied to the direct damage caused by the negligence of Marinplus. Marinplus responsibility is, regardless of the type of action, limited to to price paid for the products covered by the claim, with a maximum of SEK 100 000. Marinplus is not responsible for any damages or loss, including loss of profits, business interruption, other parts liability to third parties, or loss of data or information.

17. Returns and refunds

1) The text has been deleted and replaced with: Defective deliveries must be claimed within five business days. Otherwise the delivery is considered approved. Marinplus can buy products to 80% of the invoiced price, but not more than 80% of the current net price.

8) Marinplus AB is responsible for products delivered to us for repair or other maintenance. If the product is not collected three months after a notification, ownership transfers to Marinplus AB, which then has the right to dispose / remove the product. If costs arise therefore, they will be charged.

19. Manufacturer warranty

4) The buyer shall register all products for warranty to Marinplus or according to each brand specified procedure.


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Marinplus AB has merged with Odelco AB, thereby becoming the first and only distributor that can offer a complete range of products and solutions for power supply, modern electrical systems, rescue and security systems.


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