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NMEA 2000® is great for the marine industry and makes it easy to create smarter, modern boats, with fewer cables, integrated power distribution, integrated vessel monitoring and navigation, remote control etc. However, it is important to know how to design a NMEA 2000® network, how to configure units and limitations.

We are a NMEA certified trainer. In fact we were the first company in Europe to be NMEA 2000 certified by NMEA. In order to spread all features of NMEA 2000® and minimize installation problems we hold certification trainings for installers, boatbuilders, sales representatives, navigation teachers and others who wants to know about NMEA 2000®. These trainings are taken place in different locations, and can even be done at a dealers facility. The training session takes two days including a written test.

nmea logoThe NMEA 2000® Network course is primarily targeted for the beginner or those who have been installing NMEA 2000® but would like more information, more clarity and an opportunity to share ideas with others who have installed NMEA 2000® networks. The course provides information beyond the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard or the MEI and Advanced MEI Training. Topics include: Essential elements of NMEA 2000®, Network planning, installation practices and implementation, and Trouble shooting techniques. You will take from this class the near-term and long-term benefits of NMEA 2000® certified equipment, accepted installation practices for NMEA 2000® backbone cable and products, including selection of cable, power application point, and alternatives that make it work best. You will also have sufficient working knowledge of NMEA 2000® so you can successfully troubleshoot problems when they arise and correctly identify/repair/replace the faulty device(s) or network cabling problems. This is not intended to teach programming nor to be training for manufacturing developers.

NMEA Course Materials Include

NMEA 2000® Dealer Education Primer and supplemental workbook.


A minimum of 3 year’s experience in the marine electronics field is recommended.


$450 NMEA Member, $650 Non NMEA-member.

*A 20% discount per class will be offered to those who register three or more employees at any one training event.

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Marinplus AB has merged with Odelco AB, thereby becoming the first and only distributor that can offer a complete range of products and solutions for power supply, modern electrical systems, rescue and security systems.


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